Sunday, October 12, 2008

Take A Look Around You, At Least You've Got Your Friends...

Well another weekend rolled around, and the Scooby Gang was right in the thick of it. After much last minute thinking, we were on our way to Oil Can Harrys for another night of fun and frolic. John was at the wheel, and we spent the ride up talking about everything under the sun. It was great to have a new friend tag along for the adventure. At the Honey Comb Hideout, the music was bumping and the alcohol was flowing freely. We took our places along the wall, took in the whole space. Contrary to popular belief, I can be shy and reluctant to go up to a guy and let him know that may be interested. Coming out of a long term relationship (and gaining the post relationship 25lbs) has also left me painfully self conscious about pursuing a serious dating situation with anybody at this point. I am too old and far too burned from my last experience to consider serial dating. Just as these thoughts were going through my head as I was dancing, up came this strapping man in a tank and jeans who came swaggering next to me. I have always had a thing for bald guys with a goatee, and he fit the bill nicely. As the music played on, he came closer and closer, and I must admit, I was excited. As the sound ended I did something I almost never do; I scurried off the dance floor and took safety in the comfort of my friends.
Leave it to Chris to let me know that I was being silly for being such a scaredy cat and encouraged me to go back out there and get to know the guy. I eventually did, and found out that he was a nice guy (named Steve) and we danced a little more before he had to go. The first baby steps to getting through it all...I just have to say thanks to my buds for getting me out of my rut, while at the same time giving me the space I need to move forward at my own pace...And thanks to the Scooby Gang for not laughing too loud when this random woman pulled me away to dance with her and groped me after we finished our dance.. You guys will never know how much you mean to me.....Those guys we met from Long Beach looked like good friends, but they were nothing like us...Long Live the Scoobies!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Post-Thursday S**t Storm!!!

Anyone who has ever met and spent time with me will tell you that I am a magnet for drama and all kinds of bad McShittles. It never fails: just when things start going well in my life, karma, universal justice, or just plain bad luck comes in to balance the scales.
My personal waterloo all begins on Wednesday morning as I was getting out of bed. I had a great Tuesday night getting some homework done, and having night cap with my favorite red head (read as : object of lust/skin toy). I was feeling triumphant, as I had my day all planned out, and I didn't have to start my day out in typical fashion (taking care of my little problem...shhhh!!) Well as my feet touched the carpet, I felt chills all over my body, and scratchiness to my throat. Automatically, I dismissed that I was pregnant, the air conditioner was on, or that Mr. Red's attachment was the BIG. Oh man, I have a COLD!!!! Despite feeling like a wet food stamp (worthless) I hauled my ample butt into the shower, and went on to work.
A sad fact is that people really look at you funny when you come in to work feeling sick and looking tore back.. Three hours into my shift, my supervisor came over and ASKED (demanded) that I go home. SCORE!!. I got home and take a long hard nap until the next day. Now the fun begins.
I am feeling a lot better, but now everyone at work is coming at me with something they want me to do, and I can't because I am now working part time as student therapist and they're pissed that I cannot accomodate them. And then as I am checking into my class, I found out that I am not even registered for classes this quarter!!! A few feverish calls later, I given an appointment NEXT WEEK to clear this up... A**holes! And then I get a call from my mom.
Let met tell you something about my mom: she only calls me at work if someone a) died b)going to get the picture. Well, my mom calls and tells me that she got two call from my ex wanting to know where I was, and who I was hanging out. Since school has started, I have only found a few times to go out with Scooby Gang, and really at this point, it is none of his business whom I am spending time with, since we are OVER, and he could never admit to anyone that we were a couple. I also find out that he called my sister at her job and hit her up as well about me!!!
Well I called him, went completely bat s**t on him! The only thing he could say to me was that he was worried, and wanted to know how I was. The last time I checked, his name was not on my birth certificate, and barely took orders for the man I call "father". And then the topper came today when some douche bag scraped some of the paint off my barely 3 month old car..I just knew the other shoe was going to drop after all the fun I was having.. Just praying that Scooby Gang's outing this weekend will change things......I know some people are drama queens, and some gay men manufacture "drama"..All I have to do is walk out the door or stumble out of bed.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pre Halloween 2008 - Season of the B****h!

Well. It's finally October, and it is still as hot as August. I can remember back in the day, I would always get so EXCITED at this time of the year: school was in full swing, the turning of the leaves, and all the horror movie marathons you could shake a Sara Palin at. My fondest memories are of me racing home to see all my scary shows with my mom and then going out for ice cream (and I still had no idea I was gay? Yeah right). But nowadays, I have a hard time working up some of the excitement. All the new horror movies are sad imitations and remakes of the classics (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, anyone?), or if something interesting has come out, it sequeled out to infinitity to the point all the fun of the original idea is gone (Final Destination 50).
The sad thing is, the things going on in my life are far more scarier than anything I am seeing on the screen: unstable economy, growing disillusionment about higher education (grand school), and the very real possiblity that my future could be controlled by some freaky hockey with a fetish for hunting and dressing moose carcass. I am SO hoping that the Scooby Gang's trip down the Universal Studios for the Halloween Extravaganza will restore of some of my faith. Nothing brings friends closer than screaming your lungs out, and running from some crazed killer from your childhood. Pictured is one of my favorites: Michael Myers. Halloween 2 stands out as one of favorite horror movies of all time, and I never get tired of watching it. I sure hope we stop for ice cream on the way back....